Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to the old RBLibrary site?

In May 2016, xDev Magazine purchased and its associated domains (,, and from the previous owners and rebranded the site xDevLibrary.

If I purchased something from the old site, how can I download my purchase again?

At this time we don't have a way to do that automatically. We may in some cases be able to confirm your purchase via our records and permit you to re-download the item again. You will need to contact customer support for us to investigate the matter. Please include as much detail about your purchase as you can when you email us.

The new site has everything on one page. How can I just see the articles by a certain author or topic?

The current site is temporary, to give us time to create a more elaborate one. Toward that end, the site is a simple grid listing of all xDevLibrary products.

However, you can change the sort order of the items -- if you click on the "Author" heading at the top of the page, each author's items will be grouped together, making it easier to find all the items by the same author.

You can do the same thing with categories and titles. If you sort by description, the products will be sorted by modification date (newest to oldest).

You can also use your web browser's find function to search for terms on the page.

Some articles have an "RBD" logo in the description. What does that mean?

Those are articles that originally appeared in REALbasic Developer (now xDev Magazine). If you've been a longtime subscriber to xDev or have purchased back issues, check carefully before purchasing to make sure you don't already have the article.

Are you going to be adding fresh content to xDevLibrary?

Absolutely! We have a huge backload of excellent xDev articles that we will gradually be adding to xDevLibrary so that customers can purchase them individually, rather than buying an entire issue of the magazine.

At this time, we don't have a firm timeline of when these will be added, but I would expect to see at least some new content this summer.

A lot of the content on xDevLibrary is ancient and doesn't even work with Xojo. Are you planning on updating old articles and RB project files?

We're evaluating that possibility but at this time we haven't made a final decision. It may depend on the particular article. For some, we could update the project for Xojo, but leave the article as is, while we may choose to retire older articles that aren't worth updating.

For now, watch the wording on the site carefully and look at the dates of projects: if the article is about "REALbasic" and is 5-10 years old, note that it may not work in Xojo or require some serious tweaking to get it to work.

Note that many articles, even if they're dated, are still useful, especially if they're detailing algorithms and techniques.

What are your future plans for xDevLibrary?

It's still very early in the process and we have many decisions to make (both technical and business-related). However, the concept of an à la carte article service is something xDev has been contemplating for years and we're excited about the possibilities.

Our ultimate long-term goal is to increase the editorial quality of the offerings, create a more consistent and professional appearance of the content, offer articles in more digital formats (not just PDF), integrate it more with xDev, and add new content on a regular basis.